Thought Leaders Executive Think Tank Brings Top Trainers to Washington DC

The next TLC Executive Think Thank Forum will be held

Washington DC
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Invited to Participate:  Chief Learning Officers, Senior Executives, Executives of Human Resources, Heads of Executive Development   Executive Classes include latest techniques for:   (sampling) -  Increasing Bench Strength,  the  70-20-10 rule, Collaboration in New Workforce Environment – Critical  thinking (problem-solving, decision making and strategic planning), Blending Baby Boomers and Millennials workforce - different ideals, interests, requirements, Implementing New Sustainable Policies, and more....

Just a sampling of the Thought Leaders reflections from TLC Executive Think Tank events follows: 


"I was privileged to attend the Thought Leadership Conference Executive Think Tank in New York earlier this year. It functioned with such an air of respect for others. If you are able to attend the one in Washington DC later this September, please do….. There is a very American way of seeing the world, with progress coming from an overarching conscience bending towards justice…. It is an amazing energy. Don’t let this energy be sapped away….." Private Sector, Australia

The CONFERENCE WAS EXTRAORDINARY!...TS– Private Industry, Montreal Canada; The conference was a really good environment to ask some very pointed questions and to get some really good responses and feedback from different leaders from different organizations….”DC– United States Federal Government - Chair NIH Diversity Council; 
 “YOU NEED TO GO! YOU NEED TO BE THERE!!One of the Best Conferences I Have Ever Attended...RU – Local Government, Nebraska Dept. Manager for City Human Rights & Relations...
IT HAS BEEN AWESOME, JUST AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!...HP- Author /Global – Waverley, Australia...
The Thought Leadership Conference is One of the Most Important Think Tanks of 2012.  Al Cole, CBS Broadcaster, People of Distinction & Live 365 Anchor



A Note From the Hosts

I would say that with the budgetary constraints it may not be a bad idea to have (TLC Executive Think Tank) in (Washington) DC to cut back on the travel.  I would say it would an excellent opportunity to bring representatives from various sectors to talk to each other again and to discuss best practices and most importantly sharing of resources.”   Jorge Ponce, Co-Chair, Council of Federal EEO & Civil Rights Executives


“ have John Berry (Director of OPM) kick off this morning was phenomenal..he is the type of person who takes time to be responsive to the group he is presenting too…We have all been able to walk away with a wealth of ideas and best practices and action plans as to where we are going next…I want to thank you again for supporting us and for the excellent job you did ….I can see this effort (TLC Executive Think Tank Series) being one of the largest events to start that spark - the trigger - needed in motivating all of us to create the model workplace that the federal government should be…” Delia Johnson, Co-Chair, Council of Federal EEO & Civil Rights Executives


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Photo Gallery of Thought Leaders & Trainers Who Have Presented at TLC Think Tank Forums 


TLC - Past Speakers -

Going Green: 
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 THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Executive Think Tank Forum

A Roundtable of Top Executives 

hosted by

Washington DC 


The focus of the THOUGHT LEADERSHIP (TLC) Executive Think Tank is on effective leadership and best practices for an effective workforce within Government, Industry and other fields.

Agenda Overview:

The TLC Executive Think Tank Forum identifies best practices for improving effectiveness in recruiting, hiring, promoting, retaining, developing, and training an emerging workforce. The discussions, workshops, and speeches will concentrate on developing a world-class workforce from all segments of society.


Benefits of Attending & Value

Some of the nation’s top trainers and experts are traveling to Washington DC to present and participate in the THINK TANK FORUM. Attendees increase their Thought Leader network in this personalized setting with government, academia and industry during- and post-conference (via online blog).


SAVINGS:  The fees for these SMEs for 2 days of training (collectively, if another organization could attract them all to come at the same time) is estimated to be in excess of $100,000.


Expected Outcomes

Ongoing Dialogue following the THINK TANK sessions via online blog available only to participants, featuring tools, strategies & best practices for practitioners, to energize their Recruitment & Retention  efforts.
Those interested in receiving Invitation to Participate send request email to
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